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About Us​

Survive & Thrive is an alliance of government, professional health association, private sector and non-profit partners working with country governments and health professionals to improve health outcomes for mothers, newborns and children through clinical training, systems strengthening and policy advocacy.

The Survive & Thrive Global​​​ Development Alliance was established in 2012 to energize critical health care interventions during the time when mothers and their children are most vulnerable—from pregnancy through childbirth, and childhood through age five.

Survive & Thrive aims to help save the l​​ives​ of mothers, newborns and children by working alongside in-country governments and health professionals to implement high-impact health interventions that leverage the combined resources and expertise of government, professional health associations, private sector and non-profit partners.

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  • Facility-based interventions and clinical competencies are supported and sustained through training and quality improvement approaches and effective technologies.
  • Members of professional associations are equipped to improve the quality of high-impact interventions in health facilities, and mobilized to be champions in maternal, newborn and child health.
  • Global Health Scholars mobilized to learn from and champion maternal, newborn and child health.


Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals targets​:
  • By 2030, reduce the global maternal mortality ratio to less than 70 deaths per 100,000 live births.
  • By 2030, end preventable deaths of newborns and children under 5 years of age, with all countries aiming to reduce neonatal mortality to at least 12 deaths per 1,000 live births and under-5 mortality to 25 deaths per 1,000 live births.

The Challenge​​

Even when policies are in place, practices in health facilities may be far behind evidence-based maternal, newborn and child health standards. There is a need to improve the quality of facility-based health services in order to reduce preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths, especially as the rate of institutional deliveries and care-seeking for sick newborns and children increase in many countries.

Our Response​​

Survive & Thrive is a public-private partnership that mobilizes U.S. pediatric, obstetric, midwifery and nursing professional associations alongside the private sector and the U.S. Government to collaborate with national governments, international and national professional associations, and global health scholars to strengthen maternal, newborn and child health programs.

Our Mission​​

Increase utilization and sustainable adoption of achievable high-quality, high-impact maternal, newborn and child health interventions in health facilities around the world.

Core Values​​

  • ​​​​​​​​Inclusiveness and Collaboration: Coordinate activities with other organizations or agencies and welcome new members if such relationships contribute to the achievement of the goal of this Alliance to help mothers, newborns and children survive and thrive.
  • Country Owned and Country Led: Be responsive to national health priorities and plans developed and owned by the participating national government. The GDA will play a supportive role to countries that request assistance to improve the quality of facility-based maternal, newborn and child health ser​vices.
  • Shared Goal, Results and Recognition: Work towards a common goal of supporting countries to reduce maternal, neonatal and child mortality, and share results and information on program implementation and outcomes.
  • Brand Non-Exclusivity: Improve quality of, and expand access to, a menu of maternal, newborn and child health interventions and associated technologies that governments and partners may choose to include in their programs.